Ever wonder what building a piece of software looks like? | InspireHUB

We're pulling back the curtain to give you a peek at the magic behind the scenes.  Who knew the technical orchestration of bringing a piece of software to life could be so beautiful?  This video chronicles the adventure we embarked upon in 2014, unfolding the work of our development team right through to  February 2019.

Here's a glimpse at the birth of InspireHUB's award-winning IHUBApp, the Progressive Web App that makes communicating, collaborating and engaging simple!

App Pairing: Making an App for YOUR Winery | InspireHUB

The unique terroir of your vineyard influences every aspect of your wines. While other vineyards may be in your same viticultural area, what makes your wines successful (besides a great growing season) is the team that you have assembled. If you are like many wineries you likely are participating in multiple tourist programs and have ensured that your winery is a part of the routes and promotions that are happening. You may have your own website and having an app is something you are exploring. Here we explain how the IHUBApp can not only help you with your marketing, promotion and engagement of visitors but also how the same app can help communicate with your entire team.





Do You Really Need a Company Mobile App? | InspireHUB

The Year of the Company App is Upon Us

While most corporate managers and executives have dozens of apps on their devices, very few of them have considered deploying their own app to support business goals and employee engagement. It’s time to start thinking about a company app if you desire to improve company culture, increase knowledge sharing and collaboration, and ensure communications are distributed widely and strategically to the right stakeholders.

We’re calling it now - this year will be marked as the Year of the Company App.

8 Ways to Increase Engagement on Your Internal Communications App | InspireHUB

An Internal Communications App for the Future

An internal communications app is designed to become a central hub and touch point for discussion and knowledge sharing. But what does it take to actually get your employees to engage?

The IHUBApp, designed by the team here at InspireHUB, has the solution. Or rather, eight.

5 Reasons Why Employee Engagement Apps are the Latest Internal Technology Trend | InspireHUB

Employee Engagement Apps - More Than a Trend?

10 years ago, company wikis and difficult to maintain SharePoint sites did little to increase employee engagement. It’s only in the last few years that technology, particularly mobile, has evolved to support the use cases and feature set needed to connect, empower and facilitate knowledge sharing among employees.

With more and more companies supporting a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy that enable employees to use their personal smartphones to accomplish work tasks, HR and CSR departments are rolling out apps to support their employee engagement initiatives.

How to Use Your IHUBApp for Customer Service | InspireHUB

Recently, my husband and I went out for dinner and the customer service was awful. The menu wasn’t actually what was available, the wait staff instructed us to soften the butter over the open flame of a candle.. When the meal, which I couldn’t finish because it tasted like tree bark, was over, the wait staff hovered over our table to thrust the bill into my husband’s hand just as he put down his fork, and then paced while he waited for us to pay. We won’t be going back. That restaurant lost two customers, which is unfortunate if that night was a fluke, but when it comes to good customer service you can’t have a bad night.

Why Your Print Newsletter Is Wasting Valuable Dollars

What was the first thing you did this morning when you woke up? If you are like 80% of smartphone users you likely checked your phone before you even brushed your teeth (IDC Research). Over the last several years mobile has aggressively grown. As of January 2014, 90% of American adults own a cell phone (Pew Research, 2014). This might explain why a 2014 Forbes article was entitled Mobile is the Future of Everything.

Love is a Battlefield: The Competitive Advantage of Web Apps

I won’t lie to you, I listened to Pat Benatar’s song before writing this piece just for kicks. Alas, to my own surprise I was actually able to draw a metaphor between the 80’s hit song and the concept of competitive advantage in business! Organizations, young and old, are all competing for attention online. It’s a constantly evolving battle for attention with the growth of technology and plethora of channels to communicate on. A quintessential part of creating meaningful audience engagement for an organization is allowing yourself to be authentic and transparent… in personal relationships we call it vulnerability. However, in this day and age, any organization that masters the art of open, authentic, personally relevant communication with their audience is still on the losing end of the battle for attention if they don’t optimize their efforts on mobile.

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